A view of Trieste from the Carso plateau, the last obstacle migrants have to face before entering Italy
Pakistani asylum seekers pass the time during quarantine
Extra tents have been installed in the quarantine center to increase its capacity
Ali, pakistani asylum seeker
A backpack abandoned by migrants on the Carso plateau, just before arriving in Trieste
An asylum seeker put in isolation after having had contact with another migrant with fever
A lawyer from a humanitarian organization provides legal advice during quarantine
Karim and Amir, pakistani asylum seekers
Social distancing indications written in English, Urdu, Pashto, Hindi and Farsi
An asylum seeker is tested for coronavirus after he had developed a fever
Migrants eating in the quarantine center during Ramadan
An asylum seeker looks through the window of the bus that will carry him to the next reception center after having finished quarantine
Former military barracks serve as a reception center for migrants having finished quarantine